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Service-related Policies

Booking and Advance Policy

All Nuclear Medicine scans are subject to the availability of radiopharmaceuticals, and a prior appointment is necessary. The appointments booked on the website are tentative only and considered merely your choice. The Molecular team makes confirmation calls to appoint you as per the availability of medicines; though we always try to abide by your choice and appoint you accordingly, at times, we are helpless. To check your booking status, please call us at 7042928881 / 7042928882 or mail at info@molecularit.com.


Refund and Cancellation Policy

We always keep the approach to help the patients and minimize their losses in most cases. But, the radiopharmaceuticals used in nuclear medicine studies are expensive and decay with time. Once these medicines are produced and not used within a certain time, they become useless. This is the reason that forces us to book Nuclear Medicine studies against the advance payment in many cases. If you do not turn up or get late for the test or therapy, the advance payment is forfeited. We refund the advance payments if you have cancelled the appointment a day before (up to 8 pm) for 18F-FDG or 18F-PSMA PET-CT studies. In the case of Lutetium-177 therapies or I-131 radioiodine therapies, the cancellations are to be made at least 07 working days before to get the refund. If you are eligible for a refund, the same will be credited within 15 days via RTGS/ NEFT/Cheque payment.


Report Release Policy

All the tests are given a tentative duration for report release. In most cases, we strive to deliver reports even before the set turn-around time, but it may get delayed in unavoidable circumstances. We express regret in all such cases and generate the reports as soon as possible.

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