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The Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) of the brain with seizure protocol is a painless and simple procedure that provides excellent images of the brain and brain stem. In seizure protocol, a number of different MRI sequences are put together to improve the sensitivity by identifying possible structural abnormalities of the brain.

Test information: Fasting NOT needed

Reporting: Within 24 hours*

  • Fasting is not needed.
  • The magnetic field is not harmful but may cause the malfunction of some medical devices. Always inform about any pacemaker, cochlear implant or other medical device implanted or fixed in your body.
  • Most orthopaedic implants pose no risk, but always ensure to inform the technologist about the same before starting the procedure.
  • Please wear comfortable clothing. Any jewellery, including rings, watches, mobiles, Keys, credit/ debit cards, dentures, hearing aids, wigs, hairpins, and metallic makeup, including mascara, is not permitted.
  • Please carry all previous medical documents.
* For details, please see service-related policies
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